Private network or not? Hope I've not broke it!

  Suze66 00:08 06 Dec 2016

Hi, I just moved into a basement apartment, where we share the wifi with our landlords (upstairs) ... My landlord kindly gave us a USB wifi dongle to use in our main PC ( we mostly use tablets and smart phones). When setting this up, it asked about Home/office or public.... I didn't know what to press....I don't distrust our landlords at all, but I chose 'public' for the stationary pc... is it just my PC that is affected by this choice, i.e. Does it just render my PC invisible to upstairs or would my choosing public affect their network etc If it does affect the Landlords in anyway, can it be undone? Not too techy please... I'm surprised I got this far :) Thank you

  Forum Editor 08:20 06 Dec 2016

It does not affect your landlords in any way. It will simply mean that your PC is not discoverable on the network.

You chose the right option in the circumstances.

  lotvic 12:55 06 Dec 2016

click here for a bit more info about setting.

Earlier versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7 had the option to set a specific network to be either Public or Private. If you want to find other computers, devices or any other content available on your network, then you should set it as Private, or if you don't want to, switch its location to Public. This seems to be backwards but it's actually not, as you would not want your computer to be discoverable and share folders on a public network such as one in a coffee shop or an airport. In Windows 10, the process for setting the network location involves enabling or disabling a setting which is named “Make this PC discoverable”. In this guide we will show you where to find this setting and how to fiddle with it in Windows 10, when connecting to networks both wired and wirelessly...

  Suze66 18:42 06 Dec 2016

Thanks so much Lotvic �

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