Printout much too big from HP printer

  Pineman100 15:45 28 Apr 2009

Vista Home Premium. HP Photosmart C4180 printer.

At home, my wife's laptop normally prints to our HP Photosmart C4180 via our wireless network - the printer is connected via USB to my desktop on the network. It all works fine.

We're now visiting a friend's house in France. He has exactly the same printer, and on previous occasions the laptop has been able to connect direct to the printer via USB and work normally. There are two versions of the printer in Control Panel>Printers. One is on our home network and the other is a direct connection - I have set the latter as default while we visit here (as I normally do).

When I first switched on my friend's printer it immediately began to print part of an obviously huge photo of a house, with a dotted line around the margin. I pressed the Cancel button on the printer and this job ceased, and was flushed out of the print queue.

But now everything that I send to the printer gets printed out at a huge size. A 12pt document in Word is printed at a size something like 56pt, and every page has the dotted line around its margin.

I've tried the following:-

1. Printing to the printer from Wordpad and Notepad. Exactly the same problem.

2. Resetting the printer to factory defaults. No change.

3. Shutting down the computer, disconnecting the printer from the mains for half a minute, then firing up everything again. No change.

Does anyone have any suggestions, please?

  Graphicool1 16:43 28 Apr 2009

Doesn't the printer disk include software to size the pictures, with a preview before you print. Outside of this I can only think of two options...
1-System Restore befor it started happening
2-Uninstall and reinstall the printer

  Pineman100 17:26 28 Apr 2009

I'm a bit uncertain about your reference to photo resizing software.

The problem is currently affecting the type size in Word, Wordpad and Notepad. Onscreen 12 pt looks like about 56pt on paper.

As regards System Restore, I think this problem cropped up while my friend was using the printer with his computer - before I arrived here. He has now gone away (taking his computer) and left me in the house for a while. So I don't think SR would change anything (unless you feel I'm wrong?).

  woodchip 18:37 28 Apr 2009

Go back to the Printer Folder Choose the Printer that is the Problem By Right Click on it then properties check the settings. as that is where it needs changing

  Pineman100 18:50 28 Apr 2009

I've had a look around on the various tabs in Properties, as you suggest. But I can't see anything that might be responsible for this problem.

Any suggestions what I should be looking for, please?

  woodchip 21:22 28 Apr 2009

As you can see you have paper size as A4 etc you need to check carefully on each page for settings, try different one but only one at a time unless you know what it does

  Woolwell 22:02 28 Apr 2009

"I think this problem cropped up while my friend was using the printer with his computer - before I arrived here" - this implies that the problem may well lie with the actual printer rather than the Print Properties. Print Properties often gives an option to print enlarged but this may not be the situation here.
When you state that the printer was reset to factory default - how?
Has a setting on the control panel been inadvertently changed eg copy size?

  Pineman100 09:00 29 Apr 2009

woodchip - following your further advice I've had another look through the Properties. Paper size is definitely set to A4. There's one thing that I don't understand on the Advanced tab, and that's something called Print Processor. It lists two choices - hpzpp4v2 and WinPrint. The first one appears to be selected, and as its first two letters are "hp" it looks likely to be the correct one.

Woolwell - I reset to factory defaults using an option in the printer's configuration menu, that is accessed via a button on the printer. The printer is set to default to a page size of A4 and its copy function is set to Same Size.

I think I'm going to reinstall the printer. I've been avoiding it because the HP software is so bloated that it takes bloomin' ages. But I don't think I've got any choice.

I'll post back when this is done.

  woodchip 10:52 29 Apr 2009

try winprint, you can change it back if it does not work

  Pineman100 12:38 29 Apr 2009

Well, I've deleted and reinstalled the printer, and the problem is solved.

Thanks very much for your thoughts and advice, everyone. I'm sorry that the exact cause of the problem never showed up, but at least I now have a functioning printer!

Many thanks.

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