Printing a works calender

  ponytail 20:44 11 Feb 2010

My wife is trying to her companies holiday chart for this financial year.She has it all on this computer but when she tries to print it it prints ok except for the fact that it does not print any of the lines.There must be a setting on my computer which needs changing.Can someone advise.

  ponytail 20:47 11 Feb 2010

Further to this posting in trying to sort it out I did something wrong somewhere as now when I go into word instead of it being a plain white sheet it now has lines on it similar to a graph.How do I get it back to normal

  Woolwell 20:51 11 Feb 2010

You have probably accidentally ticked the box marked grid lines, In Word 2007 it is on the view tab.

  Woolwell 20:55 11 Feb 2010

Just to check in which program is the calender?

  ponytail 21:00 11 Feb 2010

Hi Woolwell
Thanks for your advice got rid of the graph on word.The calender was done on word and there were lines both vertical and horizontal seperating the months and days but these lines do not appear on the print out only the wording

  Woolwell 21:03 11 Feb 2010

How were the lines done? Did she use a table. If you click on Print Preview can you see the lines?

  ponytail 21:05 11 Feb 2010

Hi Again Woolwell,
I think this calender must hve been done originally in excel as it has been done in a graph format.

  Woolwell 21:08 11 Feb 2010

Sounds like a table which does look like a graph.
Do the lines appear in print preview?
But I suspect that you are only seeing the outlines of the boxes to type in to. To get the borders of the table printed you have to click on borders and select the ones you want.
Which version of Word?

  ponytail 21:42 11 Feb 2010

Hi Woolwell word 2007

  ponytail 21:43 11 Feb 2010

Hi again Woolwell
When you click on print preview the lines are visible

  Woolwell 21:51 11 Feb 2010

If this is a table then on the design tab you will see borders - select all borders or just the borders you want. Click then in Print Preview before you print you should see the lines and be able to print them.

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