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  daeburndave 16:44 18 Aug 2004

hi there. i read this months article in helpline about trying to print off web pages that are too wide and leave off the righthand side. as suggeted i downloaded pdf995 and tried to print out a specific page using pdf995 as the printer. i still cant get the whole of the page to print in full and am hoping someone out there can explain in the simplest of terms what i am doing wrong.

  Valvegrid 18:03 18 Aug 2004

I'm not sure about pdf995, I thought that was just for creating pdf documents, but I could be wrong.

I usually cut and paste what I want onto a document, that way I don't get all the other rubbish that comes on the web page that I'm not interested in.

  daeburndave 18:30 18 Aug 2004

hi thks for the reply. i downloaded this prog as per the recommendations of the helpline advisor, october issue, but cant seem to get what i want ie the whole page printed. it was suggested that i need to tell this prog that i need a tabloid sized page but this choice doent appear. i will try yr suggestion anyway but if there are any more thoughts out there i shall be for ever indebted, as opposed to being for ever in debt!!

  Pidder 18:42 18 Aug 2004

What about using the PrintScrnSysRq button which copies the screen to the clipboard, and then pasting it into a blank Wordpro page, landscape format, and adjusting it to fill the page before saving it to a file. This works for me using Lotus Word Pro, don't know about other word processors.

  VoG II 18:58 18 Aug 2004

In Internet Explorer, File/Page Setup make the left and right hand margins as small as possible. If that doesn't work, print in Landscape.

  Valvegrid 19:28 18 Aug 2004

Just to give you a smile, I wanted to print a web page using Linux yesterday, anyway there is an application to reduce the page to fit the paper, unfortunately I got the decimal point wrong and ended up with the web-page the size of a postage stamp on the paper! But it was absolutely perfect under a magnifying glass!

  daeburndave 19:58 18 Aug 2004

ok guys u can all go and watch the football now, u know it'll be exciting? i've {we've} finally cracked it! used a combination of this pdf prog together with internet explorer as suggested and finally locating the right paper size ie tabloid the complete web page has been printed. thks for yr help. what a job, i'd have thought it would have been less like rocket science. now all i've got to do is remember how i did it.

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