Printing two half-size photos on 4 x 6" paper

  [DELETED] 13:09 13 Jan 2006

Can someone remind me, please, how to print two images onto a 4 x 6" size piece of photo paper. I have done this in the past, but can't find the template now. The M/S photo printing wizard seems to cut out this option when I change the paper-size to 100mm x 150mm, I have PS Elements 3.0 and also 2.0 and PICASA installed.I have printed several photos onto an *A4* sheet, but these come out smaller than 2x3".

Many thanks.


  [DELETED] 16:26 13 Jan 2006

I use Paintshop Pro 7 which makes that kind of job easy. But I have used MS Publisher with the paper size set to suit.I set the page size then adjust the images manualy to the size I want, then print, if all is ok I keep the page as a template for future use.

  [DELETED] 17:43 13 Jan 2006

This does it and quite a bit more click here

  [DELETED] 17:44 14 Jan 2006

Many thanks. I'll download a pack of pSP Pro on Monday.

Re: Picasa:

I'll change to metric, as the Photo Paper is actually 150mm x 100mm.

I have tried using Picasa and it prints two photos onto the postcard-sized paper, but the photos are only 6.5 x 5 cm, with a lot of white space around and at the bottom. What I want is a print showing two 10x7.5cm photos with almost no white space. My Picasa is version 2.1.0. Have I missed something?

  [DELETED] 14:26 15 Jan 2006

Try XP. Open Windows Explorer, find your jpg's etc. Right click on the first, select Print and follow the wizard to get the photos positoned you want. Its easy and free. David

  [DELETED] 09:55 16 Jan 2006

Many thanks, David. But I can't get the XP wizard to print two *half-size* onto a 150mm x 100mm paper. That option is not there, although it will do half-size on A4. I wonder if something is missing from the wizard. Could you and 'totally-braindead' (I am sure you aren't!)possibly check on your own machines and actually try printing two on a p-c sized paper.I don't mind a very small white border, but not the huge ones I am getting.

Over the weekend I have printed some via PS Elements, making my own template and dragging and dropping, but it is slow.............. The annoying thing is that I have some prints which I made a year or two ago.


  [DELETED] 12:19 16 Jan 2006

Success! I have found Serif Photo Manager on the computer. By selecting the images, and right-clicking on them, the print window comes up. Selecting the layout and style tab and changing the columns and rows option to two and one respectively and adjusting the orientation and page-size in the printer properties I get just what I wanted.If anyone finds that Picasa and XP *can* do this, I would be interested to hear.

Many thanks for your replies which encouraged me to delve deeper! I am downloading Paintshop pro trial, but it is going to take three hours at the present rate of progress, so I may give up.


  [DELETED] 14:04 16 Jan 2006

sheila.weston, you haven't said what printer you have but if it is an Epson borderless you can use Epson Photoquicker to do that.

Photoquicker can be used with any printer to do the same thing but you will get white borders, which means the pictures will be smaller.

I can email you a copy of Photoquicker if you want try it? Or you can download it for free from the Epson site, but you have to pick the right printer.

  [DELETED] 17:41 16 Jan 2006

Many thanks for the offer, PJ. I think I can manage OK with Serif now, but I'll look at the epson site for interest. I have an epson 3200 scanner and must try the software which came with that.


  [DELETED] 17:37 19 Jan 2006

PJ123, I have just been looking at the epson site, but can't find anything about photoquicker. Could you give me the URL, please.

many thanks,


  [DELETED] 17:46 19 Jan 2006

sheila. Looks like the Epson site is running in "skeleton mode" at the moment due to the big fire.

I have the lastest photoquicker as a zip file which is 8mbs. I can send it to you as an email if you like or I can put it on a CD and snail mail it to you. Let me know either way.

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