Printing song list onto pritable CD's

  MICKY BOY 18:16 22 Aug 2007

Hi All,
Would like to burn some of my songs from my computers hard drive onto printable CD’s for my car player.
Have done this before, but is there a way I can copy the burn list with all the various songs onto the CD, so I know which songs are on that CD. I know how to copy photo’s etc onto the CD’s and print OK, but cannot find in Windows Media Player 11 or Nero 7 how to copy the burn list and add it to the CD printing programme.
Is there a programme that will copy the burn list to use on the printed CD.



  holme 20:35 22 Aug 2007

Suggestion 1 - does your CD labelling software not have a Text->Import option?

If so, you could simply Copy the title listing from any text editor and Paste into the prog.

Suggestion 2 - our Epson photo printer came with all manner of software, including label printer, which has the text import. It's a delight to use. Check you printer CD contents maybe? HTH.

  MICKY BOY 21:14 22 Aug 2007

holme, Thank you for your response
which Epson printer software have you got? my printer is Epson R200


  holme 21:29 22 Aug 2007

Ours is Epson R220. So the chances are that the bundled 'Print CD' application is on your support CD. If not, let me know.

See click here In "Step 4: Define the text", it's simply a case of copy and paste the title list from a text editor or similar. Size/font/colour/shape/position/shadow/etc are all under your control.

  MICKY BOY 21:53 22 Aug 2007

Thank you for your response, will try your advice

  Stuartli 22:09 22 Aug 2007

Note that the Epson Print CD software is not available from its website, only on the installation CD.

  Stuartli 22:11 22 Aug 2007

Nero has similar CD label software.

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