Printing from Publisher 2003 to Xerox Phaser 8560

  IlonaJane 12:33 12 Jun 2008

Hello there

I'm having a problem printing a file from Microsoft Publisher 2003 to my new Xerox Phaser 8560. The file consists of text, pictures and a line drawn using the line tool. When I print to the Phaser 8560, the line moves from one side of the page to the other!

I've tried grouping all the elements in the document together, but it still moves the line when it prints. I've also tried printing the file to another printer in the office and that works fine, so I can only imagine it's a problem with the Phaser 8560.

If there's already a thread which relates to this type of problem, could someone please direct me to it? If not, I'd appreciate any ideas anyone has!



  Ditch999 12:50 12 Jun 2008

Dont know about a Phaser but my Brother has an option in the Printer settings under "True Type Mode" that you can set to "Print as Graphics"
Have you anything like that?

  Ditch999 12:57 12 Jun 2008

From the Xerox help section. It refers to a font problem but it is along the lines in my last post

1. Open the file to be printed.
2. Select [Print] from the File menu. The Print window will be displayed.
3. Click on the [Properties] or [Printing Preferences] button. The Properties or Printing Preferences window will be displayed.
4. Click on the [Layout] tab.
5. Click on the [Advanced] button.
6. Click on the [+] next to Graphics to expand the option and view the contents.
7. Click on [TrueType Font].
8. Select [Download as Softfont] from the TrueType Font pull-down menu.
9. Click on the [+] next to Document Options to expand the option and view the contents.
10. Click on the [+] next to PostScript Options to expand the option and view the contents.
11. Click on [TrueType Font Download Option].
12. Select [Outline] from the TrueType Font Download Option pull-down menu.
13. Click on [OK] to return to the Properties or Printing Preferences window.
14. Click on [OK] to exit the Properties or Printing Preference window.
15. Click on [OK] or [Print] to send the print job to the printer.
16. If the font still prints incorrectly, select [Bitmap] in step 12, and then print the document again.

  IlonaJane 14:08 12 Jun 2008

Yay, thank you very much, Ditch999! I couldn't find the 'Outline' option, so I chose 'Print as Graphics' as you'd mentioned that in your previous post and it's worked!

Genius :D.

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