Printing problems with Word

  Juni 16:30 30 Mar 2004

When I try to print a word document, the title bar dims and flashes and nothing happens. When I press Ctrl, Alt, Delete the task manager appears with programm not responding. The print box then appears and I can continue to print but I habe to press Ctrl, Alt Delete to quit the program. I have re-installed print drivers, and re-installed the pr0ogram but the problem continues. Currently running on Windows XP Home with Word 2000. Help, please, before my computer get lobbed from the top floor window......

  ventanas 17:00 30 Mar 2004

Just noticed a very similar problem here at the office with one of the machines. Try right-clicking the printer and selecting properties. I get a message that the print spooler service is not running. Still working on it, because it looks as if it is.

I'll post back if I sort anything tonight.

  bananaslik 17:44 30 Mar 2004

Hi Juni,i bet your using norton anti virus? if so go into norton options,miscalleneous & uncheck the office plugins.i had the same prob & some very clever chappie on this site told me to do this & hey presto it was sorted.

  Juni 20:15 30 Mar 2004

Thank you for your quick response ventanas, did check and clear the print spooler (or at least I think that's what I did) not into computers, in case you had'nt guessed. (I was trained in the days when you did'nt need a plug to write a letter. You just bashed the keys as hard as poss...)

Hi to bananaslik.... (interesting) yes I,ve just installed Norton Anti virus. So I'll give your suggestion a try...... I'll let you know if it works. If not, it's goin out the window.....

  ventanas 21:46 30 Mar 2004

Yep, got Norton AV on this machine. Thanks, you may have solved my problem, and Juni's, because it definitely wasn't the print spooler.

Will try it in the morning when I'm back at work, don't need the plug in anyway as this is the only machine in the office without Office, if that makes sense.

  Juni 00:33 31 Mar 2004

Hi Bananaslik. Solved the printing problem, but now still have problems quitting the program...any ideas ?

  bananaslik 07:44 31 Mar 2004

Juni,if it was norton & you have nchecked office plugins.if you still have probs try uninstalling word and then re-install it.

  Juni 16:38 31 Mar 2004

Thanks for your continued help bananaslik.... will try to re-load word and see what happens....

  Graham ® 17:20 31 Mar 2004

Here it is in black and white click here

  Juni 22:52 31 Mar 2004

O.K. all this is a bit technical for me, and I'm fed up with Norton - had nothing but problems since I installed it, can anyone suggest an alternative anti virus protection that will not interfere with programs,

  VoG II 22:54 31 Mar 2004

AVG click here and free for personal use!

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