Printing problems in Windows 10

  RISC OS user 17:00 02 Aug 2018

I use a program called UNIPRINT.EXE which allows the Virtual Acorn program which runs on windows and simulates an Acorn RiscPC, to be able to print from the Virtual Acorn, Uniprint must be running in Windows and it passes the data to Windows to print to any printer connected to the Windows PC. The Problem is that since the latest Windows 10 update about a week ago the program is ignored by Windows 10 when the computer starts up or if the Uniprint.EXE is double clicked. This program has been compatible with most Windows OS's up to and including Windows 10. The Trouble Shooter advises running in a compatible mode, by why when it was find last week!

  RISC OS user 16:49 03 Aug 2018

The problem has not resolved. I do not know how, but.....!

  wee eddie 17:16 03 Aug 2018

You've clicked "This is the answer" and then said that it has not been solved.

Better untick it

  rdave13 17:29 03 Aug 2018

The problem has not resolved. I do not know how, but.....!

Most probably has been resolved by a reboot and Risc made a slight mistake in his answer :)

  wee eddie 17:47 03 Aug 2018

Unfortunately I failed to read between the lines

  RISC OS user 10:28 04 Aug 2018

Yes I did make a mistake, thank you for picking this up. The problem is resolved.

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