printing problems after crash

  talia 18:34 19 Sep 2003

My friends PC crashed the other week and since then he his unable to print fully.

When he prints there are lines of what appear Wing Dings or something. You know little faces and pound/dollar signs. There usually two separate lines of these characterts per sheet.

he is running windows 98

  torMentor 19:46 19 Sep 2003

go to settings/printers and remove the printer by right clicking and selecting delete, reboot, then re-install the drivers, if that doesn`t work then you may have a more difficult problem, but most of the time it`s just that the drivers get corrupted, try the re-install first and if that don`t work then let us know.


  talia 20:27 22 Sep 2003

Unistalleed printer and then re-installed again.

Printed everything okay but after switching PC off and back on the problem has re-occured once again

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