Printing Problem....Need Assistance

  Legslip 12:15 07 Jan 2010

My friend has a a Dell All in One Photo printer 966 and is using Windows Vista software.
The print staus monitor gets to 99% and freezes. They have the same problem if they want to scan documents but copying doesn’t seem to be a problem (probably because it doesn’t need to interface with the computer).
Any solutions?

  Woolwell 12:31 07 Jan 2010

They need to make sure that the latest drivers are correctly installed.

  woodchip 12:33 07 Jan 2010

As above the Printer Will be a Lexmark, and they have or had lots of Driver problems with Vista

  woodchip 12:34 07 Jan 2010

I would suggest you visit the Lexmark Site for Driver Support using Vista

  Legslip 13:07 07 Jan 2010

Thanks people. I thought it may be a driver problem. The printer is badged Dell so how can I tell what drivers are required on the Lexmark page?

  woodchip 13:22 07 Jan 2010

No Idea have a look at Multi Function Printers It may show pictures but the are rebadged

  Woolwell 13:35 07 Jan 2010

The Dell site does list drivers. You could try them first.

  Legslip 13:41 07 Jan 2010

Thanks again. The Dell site does give a Vista driver but it is dated 2007. I'll uninstall/reinstall and see how we get on. Will update when done in a few days.

  milkybarkid 15:21 12 Jan 2010

Driver uninstalled and reinstalled but problem not resolved. Printed Test Page and printer progress shows 99% then freezes. Problem is on PC (Dimension E521) as to prove location I loaded the drivers on my Netbook and printer works fine. Any further ideas?

  Legslip 16:04 12 Jan 2010

Sorry, last message should read from LEGSLIP!!

  Woolwell 17:39 12 Jan 2010

Are you using the same USB port each time?

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