Printing problem with Epson CX3600 All-in one

  Guardsman2 18:20 02 Jan 2008

I run Windows XP with SP2. No matter if I am in my Microsoft Works Word processor or a Web page, my printer only prints half the page vertically. If I go to Print Preview, and alter the % to 100, it prints the proper full width page, then reverts to half page for the next job. Cannot find anything in Epson Help or the Windows Help. Have uninstalled the printer driver and re-installed it to no avail. Would appreciate any help in solving this annoying problem. Guardsman2

  Pamy 18:30 02 Jan 2008

Have not come across that problem before. Is this something that has only recently started?

Some how you have to make 100 the default setting

  Guardsman2 18:38 02 Jan 2008

It has been this way for as long as I can recall. Have tried to make the % 100 but can find no way to make it the default. It just keeps going back to 51 or 52%

  SANTOS7 18:40 02 Jan 2008

click here

could be related to this... (not enough memory)

  Pamy 18:52 02 Jan 2008

Epsom support is quite good but takes a while to get reply Go to their web site and or email problem

  eedcam 18:55 02 Jan 2008

Best way with epson online is to use there chat line

  woodchip 19:43 02 Jan 2008

Have you checked the Printer Properties? in Start\Settings\Printers\right click your printer and click properties, Then check Paper settings is set to A4

  rugged32 13:26 10 Feb 2008

I have Epson cx 3600. the quality of all the colours were very poor Black was ok. I tried the head cleaning prog. Still no good. I bought a nozzle cleaning kit still no good. at the same time I also cleand the BLACK nozzle. now that dosn't work all I get now is ablank page your help PLEASE

  Totally-braindead 13:53 10 Feb 2008

rugged32 start your own thread.

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