Printing problem

  3rdday 22:34 13 Jun 2003

Have recently had to reinstall Windows XP on my PC. One of the first things I then did was to install my printer again.

Those with admin accounts can print okay, but limited accounts can't. For them, the "Now Printing" window comes up for a couple of seconds and then disappears. The print preview window never appears and nothing goes into the print queue.

Any idea what's happening? It all worked fine before the reinstall. The printer is an Epson C62, if that's relevant.

  wawadave 05:43 14 Jun 2003

try installing printer in each acount

  3rdday 23:19 14 Jun 2003

Have to be an administrative account to install. So, I changed one of the limited accounts to an admin account and installed using that account. Then it could print okay. Changed it back to a limited account and it couldn't print again.

  woodchip 23:27 14 Jun 2003

If it's the server, have you given the share printer to the network. as it sounds like a network problem of sharing

  jazzypop 23:27 14 Jun 2003

I think it is a silly idea from Epson. From memory, their standard installation includes a 'helper' utility that lets you monitor things such as ink levels. They have designed this so that it won't run unless the person had Admin privileges, no good with User privileges. Good thinking, Epson!

Can you uninstall the Epson program from Add / Remove software? I believe that this leaves the bare printer driver intact, and all is fine after.

  hugh-265156 23:31 14 Jun 2003

try clicking epson status monitor in allprograms and untick monitor local printers

  3rdday 23:32 14 Jun 2003

Have tried without the monitor software, but it doesn't make any difference. The thing that gets me is that this used to work before I had to reinstall XP and I can't think of anything that I've done differently this time.

  keith-236785 23:47 14 Jun 2003

im thinking on the same lines as Woodchip

have you enabled printer sharing? start/printers and faxes, right click on your printer and click on sharing, see if "share this printer" is selected, if not select it and apply

dont know if its necessary in XP for different users (it is for a network), just a thought

did you have to install the drivers yourself or did xp do it for you on install?

  jazzypop 23:50 14 Jun 2003

If I understand it correctly, there is no server involved - he simply has XP setup on a single PC for multiple users (as many family PCs are).

  keith-236785 00:08 15 Jun 2003

i just didnt have an answer so suggested what i could, sorry if it was wrong but i did say i was thinking, not I Know.

once again sorry if i wasted your time

  wee eddie 07:12 15 Jun 2003

No answer is ever wasted.

Even if the answer you gave does not prove to be the answer to this particular problem. It may be for all I know as the original post was not 100% specific.

There will be others reading, whose problem may be similar but not the same, and your answer may be the one that clears that mental log jam that denies us seeing the correct answer.

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