Printing problem

  SheffieldSpy 11:39 21 Oct 2003

I have a HP Deskjet 710c. I need to print a large document, but after printing 2 pages it stops. Is this a problem with the computer or the printer? How do I check? I have had similar problems before, but the bizzare remedy was to quit all my other programs. This doesn't seem to solve the problem this time.

The computer is running WindowsXP with 256MB memory and a 1.2GHz processor. Does this provide any clues?

  kingkenny 11:43 21 Oct 2003

It might be struggling to spool the whole document over to the printer ie; memory. Have you tried printing it in segments? Does it have large graphics on it?

  woodchip 11:45 21 Oct 2003

You could try this, Go to Start/settings/printers/right click your printer choose properties/details/spool settings click the box Print Direct to the Printer and try re-Printing your Document

  SheffieldSpy 19:39 21 Oct 2003

So, what you both seem to be saying is that it is more likely to be the computer end? and not the printer?

  woodchip 21:24 21 Oct 2003

Yes definitely, Although I have seen a lot of these kind of problems with HP printers, I think they are troublesome drivers they provide. And they don't seem to get on very well with MSoffice. They seam to through a lot of Winword errors up

  woodchip 21:26 21 Oct 2003

Throw not through. Must get a new keyboard

  SheffieldSpy 20:07 22 Oct 2003

I think my drivers came with Windows, would that still be HP's or Microsoft's adaptation? I haven't had microsoft word problems with the printer. This document that I am trying to print is PDF using Adobe Acrobat 5.0.

  SheffieldSpy 20:11 22 Oct 2003

I've had MS Word problems with Epson printers though, but I think this is totally different.

  Djohn 20:12 22 Oct 2003

Are you using a USB connection for the printer? If so and using USB for anything else at the same time, especially an internet connection, then this may be the problem.

Try unplugging all your other USB hardware and see if it corrects itself. If it does then you may need to use a USB powered hub to supply enough power to all connections at the same time. j.

  woodchip 20:14 22 Oct 2003

If you have a printer it will alway's work better with the right drivers HP fo HP Epson for Epson not Windows for HP

  SheffieldSpy 09:01 23 Oct 2003

Its not a USB connection, but a LPT1 connection, which is re-routed through a scanner.

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