Printing pink only

  Rhuddlan 12:30 15 Jul 2004

I have just puchased ink cartidges for my epson c42ux printer and installed them correctley, black works and prints fine, but then when printing out a picture, it's all in pink, I remember having this problem once before with epson, but forgotton how to cure it, I have cleaned the heads and done a nozzle check, all is fine there. There are 100% genunine epson cartridges that I have paid good money for, anyone have any ideas? Regards, Rhuddlan.

  Valvegrid 12:38 15 Jul 2004

Excuse my ignorance, because I don't use Epson, but HP printers you are able to align the heads in printer setup, I just wondered if you had some facility in printer setup on the Epson?

  nick_j007 12:44 15 Jul 2004

Can you be certain they are not in fact re-fills?


  nick_j007 12:50 15 Jul 2004

click here

Read all this page. Some cured it by running the cartrdige under hot water! It sounds like a blocked jet from what I can gather.


  Rhuddlan 12:58 15 Jul 2004

Thanks for the info guys, there not re-fills and I will have a look around the printer setup, cheers, Rhuddlan.

  Valvegrid 13:00 15 Jul 2004

That thread is for HP printers, the printhead on the deskjet is an integral part of the cartidge, the Epson has the printhead separate from the cartidge, so the problem may not be the cartidge but in the printhead.

I'm not sure if that reads right? But you may get the idea :-)

  nick_j007 13:21 15 Jul 2004

Yes, get your drift there Valvegrid.

So, can the print head be removed and run under hot/warm water? Or is that a really stupid idea/question?



  Sethhaniel 14:49 15 Jul 2004

Lexmark 5150 all-in-one -
when using in photocopy mode all comes out in pink
but by printing same document comes out in correct colours -
That may be a sensor problem??!!!

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