Printing pictures from the web

  wotan 20:12 16 Sep 2003

I am attempting to compile something along the lines of a travel brochure,incorporating print and pictures from web sites.My problem is that when I download the pictures, instead of the picture I get a box with a small red cross in one corner, and even clicking on the cross does not produce the picture. I have done this before using Win 98SE and simply used the cut,copy, paste tool, but this does not seem to work in XP.
I am using a 1.8 ghz processor with 512mb memory. and the operating system is XP Home. I am trying to construct the brochure as a MS Word document which can be altered or replicated on other computers, as a teaching aid. Any advice or suggestions would be welcome.

  Kitz E Kat 20:22 16 Sep 2003

I right click on mouse and then select 'save picture as'.....

Works fine on XP....

Hope this helps

Kitz E Kat

  Kitz E Kat 20:23 16 Sep 2003

Eh, should say , right click mouse over selected picture!!!!!

  wotan 20:27 16 Sep 2003

ThanksKitz E Kat, but I still get the box with the cross in it, a friend has suggested it may be something to do with my anti-virus program (Norton A.V.2003) or the size of my Temp. Internet Files, but he cannot tell me how to chec
k this, or change it.


  Irishman 20:35 16 Sep 2003

Try installing Virtual Machine from click here

  Kitz E Kat 20:40 16 Sep 2003

I have NAV and have no problem, you can clean up temp. internet files ....

Start>All Programs> Accessories>System Tools>Disk Clean up, run that....

Hope this helps, can you download any pics or is it just some...

  wotan 21:10 16 Sep 2003

I am unable to download any pictures, I had no problem doing this with my old system, and wonder if this is peculiar to XP as I have no problem with using clip-art files or photographs saved in 'my documents'. It is only when I try to use pictures off the net.

  wotan 21:46 16 Sep 2003

I will close this string for now and try the tips I have received, hopefully they will solve the problem otherwise I'll be back.
Thanks again to those who took the time and trouble to offer advice,it was allgreatfully received. Keep up the good work .

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