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printing pictures

  sunnystaines 13:53 18 Dec 2014

printer hp allinone 2575

when priting 4x6 colour pics get a small black smaudging around some of the edges. using hp cartridges.

Is this a sign that the printer is near its end of days or is there a way to prevent this please. printing word doc's are ok just with colour pictures.

  alB* 14:44 18 Dec 2014

Just a guess as I use an Epson printer, could it be the waste ink pad causing the problem, I've had the same sort of thing happen to me, try dabbing the pad with kitchen roll to absorb some of the waste ink, wear gloves though, it can get messy ...alB

  sunnystaines 14:56 18 Dec 2014

alb there was a thread on the waste ink pad saga, this was at the back of my mind

  sunnystaines 17:42 18 Dec 2014

woolwell yes the paper doess have a slight curve to it, I will try and flatten it out.

  DoctorBeer 15:57 21 Dec 2014

As Woolwell says check flatness of paper or card, gently reverse the curve, better slightly convex than concave, I have had this problem, there is only a very tiny gap between the print heads and the picture media

  BT 07:58 22 Dec 2014

I have this with some double sided paper that I use for greetings cards. Its glossy on one side and matt on the other and tends to curl slightly with the glossy side inwards. I now put a slight reverse curl by pulling it under a metal ruler glossy side down which seems to cure the problem.

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