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  MAGGX 19:02 23 Mar 2004

Hi all,
require some help.
I've got a canon s630 printer I'm trying to print some photos which have been mailed to me (which are excellent pics) and the image comes out with a greeny tinge. I'm useing photo quality (Glossy) paper set to glossey on the printer. The inks are not the original ones thats about all I know.
Many thanks for reading any help will be great.

  Pamy 20:04 23 Mar 2004

Hi, it could be that one ink colour is running out.


  toxin 20:10 23 Mar 2004

Hi Maggx,

Have you got "Enable ICM" ticked in color management in the printer properties?

Another suggestion; try using the transparent film setting instead of glossy. This sometimes gives a better print on my Bjc8200.

Hope this helps, Toxin.

  cycoze 20:14 23 Mar 2004

Are you printing at too high a DPI perhaps .

  MIKE 20:16 23 Mar 2004

Hi Maggx,

I use a Canon s 6930 for printing photos and find it gives exellent results.

Have you tried cleaning the print heads as that canmake a difference


  Pesala 20:52 23 Mar 2004

In photo printers there are lots of fine adjustments. My Epson C80 has different settings for "Nature" and "People" My first prints came out with a magenta tint. Experiment with thumbnail prints to save ink. Photo glossy paper can take a long time to dry. Don't touch until it is really dry.

  Cook2 23:27 23 Mar 2004

I've got the S820 and had the same problem recently when I tried messing with my colour profiles.

I'm back to how it was by going Control Panel - Printers and Faxes. Right click on printer icon and then Color Management. Set this to Automatic.

Now go to your Desktop and right click then Properties - Settings - Advanced - Color Management. Remove any Current Color Profiles.
(You can always add the profiles back at a later time so make a note of any showing before removal)

But first do a nozzle check as your magenta head/s could be partially blocked

  MAGGX 08:54 24 Mar 2004

Well Ive tried several things now as sugested and it appears that the first thing is I'm not getting the megenta line in the nozzel test print. I've tried 3 deep cleans no good, looked at the manual which says head may be worn. Can't se it nyself as this is one of the heads which is used the least! Mostly I only print text documents.
Any ideas next step?
Thanks all for trying.

  Cook2 12:57 24 Mar 2004

Hi MAGGX, if all else fails and you need a new head try ringing 0121 780 6000, which is the number Canon would give you.

I've just given mine a nozzle check and and I find the Magenta head has a few gaps in the printout, although the Photo Magenta is fine.

Deep cleaning hasn't improved it so it looks like I'll be ringing the above number.

You say 'one of the heads that is used least', it's probably dried out then. I'm sure there was a suggestion in a thread some time back that recommended a way of possibly unblocking it. Does anyone remember the thread?

If you do manage to clear the blockage or have to get a new head, try doing a test colour print, once every week or two, to keep the heads clear.

Hope this helps.

  MAGGX 15:35 24 Mar 2004

Thanks cook2
I'll have a go and a look for that thread on cleaning the haed

  MAGGX 16:07 24 Mar 2004

Ive found the thread re unblocking jets/heads.
look in - any tips on refilling ink jet cartridges-
by wak 16/3/04
on the nozzelcheck I've got a small amount of lines missingon the maggenta but it seams to be getting better I'll keep every body informend.

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