Printing Photos from a DVD

  Angry Kid 12:41 24 May 2007

Hello everyone,

Is there any easy and free way to print still images from a DVD>


Angry ;)

  Diodorus Siculus 14:13 24 May 2007

Do you mean a DVD film? If so, the DVD player should have a screen capture option to save the screen and then you can print with your normal image program.

  anchor 14:41 24 May 2007

I have WinDVD, and it is very easy indeed to capture a still from a DVD, and save it for printing.

  HenryVII 17:58 12 Sep 2007

Did you ever solve this one? I use RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to play movies, but neither of them has a screen capture function.

  GroupFC 18:52 12 Sep 2007

Some thing here may help click here= and paricularly see this page click here


  holme 18:53 12 Sep 2007

WinDVD works fine for us as well. Other potential methods are:

a) If you have a TV card installed which has an S-video socket, connect a DVD player to it and use the software supplied (or Windows Movie Maker) to capture frames. Limited to analogue quality but, from a DVD, the results can be surprisingly good.

b) Some video editing softare such as ULead's VideoStudio can download DVD tracks straight off a PC DVD drive, in native digital format, and all have frame-grab features. If you look really hard, image quality is therefore somewhat better than method a).

In both cases, please note that frame res will be 720x576 pixels (i.e. not the standard 4:3 of a TV display) so will appear to be a bit tall and thin. To correct that, increase the X-axis dimension by 6.6% to turn the image into 768x576 pixels.

Please also note that simply pressing the PrtScr key doesn't work. You'll grab the window surrounds but *not* the video overlay, i.e. the piccy you want... HTH.

  holme 19:04 12 Sep 2007

We've previously tried the 'zero acceleration' method with very mixed results. Pentium 4 machines sometimes work but 'iffy' image quality. Both our Core 2 Duo machines will not run a DVD with acceleration set to zero (freezes). OK on, say, WMV data files but quality still not good, certainly not as good as grabbing via VideoStudio. Any thoughts please? TIA.

  GroupFC 21:16 12 Sep 2007

"Any thoughts please?" - not really! I rarely have any need to capture a frame and if I do, I would use the "capture frame" facility from Cyberlinks PowerDVD, which seems to do the job.

I did I think once try the "zero acceleration method, but decided that it was just too much effort! I only made my posting as HenryVII specifically mentioned Windows Media Player.

  Border View 10:08 13 Sep 2007

I use Windows Media Player and have found the screenshot capture. Just right click whilst the DVD is playing you get a menu includes Screenshot capture.

  holme 11:46 13 Sep 2007

On what version of Windows Media Player please? We use v11.0 which doesn't seem to do what you suggest. TIA.

  [email protected] 13:45 13 Sep 2007

Hi holme,hope this is what our looking for in wmp11
click here

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