Printing Photos

  Kernow999 18:36 22 Jan 2004

Why do my photos print out showing obvious dots/pixels? Is it my software or my printer? Is there anyway I can improve things? Thanks

  ©®@$? 18:41 22 Jan 2004

i have the same problem

but it is hard for people to diagnose your problem without relevant information

such as what printer do you use, has it got a photo cartridge installed,which operating system,and the source of where the pictures come from i.e digital camera

and what software do you use to edit and print photos

  Kernow999 18:44 22 Jan 2004

I use an HP Deskjet 610c printer. Not sure about the photo cartridge ( I would say not!) and the photos come through Kodak software from my digital camera. I am using 98 as my running system

  BarryKeith 19:27 22 Jan 2004

Make sure you have print quality set to high.

  ©®@$? 19:55 22 Jan 2004

i have the hp deskjet 640c with a photo cartridge, it prints better than the standard color that you have got in the printer but not much better, think it is your printer that is limiting you,

it is my printer that stops me from getting brilliant pictures even though it is supposed to be photo quality.

improve it by buying a photo printer..

you will not be satisfied with the photo quality even with a photo cartridge, well im not with mine!

  hoop 19:59 22 Jan 2004

Make sure quality settings on both printer and camera are set to the highest quality setting, and keep the prints to within the size recommended for the camera. Some camera`s say 7"x5" others 10"x8" maximum etc, depending on spec of camera.


  961 20:03 22 Jan 2004

HP 610 is not best for photos but good as an everyday printer

Buy the latest special offer HP around £50 or so and you will see a whole different ball game. The latest ones don't really need the photo cartridge to produce fantastic prints unless you want the very highest quality flesh tones for portraits

There have been a lot of lab tests of printeres lately

Remember HP bring out new models every 6 months or so. Buy the "old ones" and you are in at half price

Go up the price scale and you get faster speeds but not much increase in quality. You can wait an extra couple of minutes, can't you?

Remember HP has the print head in the ink cartridge. Others have it in the printer. This is important. If the print head goes awol you need a new cartridge with HP but a new printer with some other makes

  Kernow999 20:18 22 Jan 2004

Thanks guys for your help. When the six numbers come up on Saturday, I will get my new printer! Cheers all

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