Printing Photoes

  gudda96 16:08 09 Jun 2003

To print more than 1 photo on an A4 sheet, I am told Epson Photoquicker is good and a free d/l but I cannot find it on their site or other sites free, anyone know where??

The other prog I am told is good is PaperSaver which I have d/l but a bit stuck on, can anyone help.

  mole44 17:06 09 Jun 2003

mmm,try using word you can import pics size them them print them as usual,see easy sorted.try like me lateral thinking.

  gudda96 13:27 10 Jun 2003

Thanks gang for answers....

Bill, I have installed JPEG Easy and will try later and Mole, I will try your suggestion also.

BTW I use W98SE and I have Epson C20 UK which I think is the cheapest but it does me.

  mikef™ 13:39 10 Jun 2003

A decent program that does multiple prints on one page and in as many combinations that you can imagine is click here and this version is free, I use the updated version myself.

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