Printing on Photo Roll Paper

  Bakerdave 10:04 05 Oct 2008

Has any one had any success printing on a roll from an Epsom Stylus Photo R800?
The instructions talk about "Insert the roll paper holder adapter into the slot at the rear of the printer, and then attach the roll paper holders to the adapter." I haven't got a roll paper holder adapter but the machine doen't seem to need one, or does it?

  stlucia 11:37 05 Oct 2008

I know it's not the same model, but with my Epson 870 I've used roll photo paper without the paper holder -- initially because I couldn't see how to slot the holder in, and later because it was simpler not to mess around with it.

Just make sure you let the paper run smoothly through the printer, preferably by hand-feeding it. If you allow the roll to rest down between the normal paper tray and the back of the printer it can sometimes jam up as it unrolls.

  Bakerdave 11:44 05 Oct 2008

Thanks, that seems like common sense. I'll give it a try.

  iarno 11:53 05 Oct 2008

according to a 2004 blog that printer comes with paper roll feeder cant help more than here


  hastelloy 12:45 05 Oct 2008

Just fit the roll holder, feed the paper into the slot on the back of the printer and press the feed button.

  compumac 13:05 05 Oct 2008

I have had an R800 for a couple of years now using standard size papers. I now need to re-order and have not considered rolls. How do you find using rolls benefits you? Is it cheaper?

  Pine Man 13:48 05 Oct 2008

No, bloody expensive!

  hastelloy 16:12 05 Oct 2008

there's a lot of waste.

  Pine Man 17:48 05 Oct 2008

It has been some time since I used rolls but actually there wasn't much waste at all it was just that they were much, much more expensive to buy than sheets.

  Stuartli 21:33 05 Oct 2008

How do these compare price wise?

click here

click here

One or two others listed:

click here=

  Stuartli 21:34 05 Oct 2008

Delivery down to £1.95 until 1pm tomorrow.

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