Printing Passport Photo's

  Eargasm 12:04 28 Dec 2004

Hi all
Can anyone tell me how to resize digital photo's to 45mm x 35mm so i can use them for a passport.

I have paint shop pro installed running xp home.

The archive on here says paint shop pro and windows photo and fax viewer will do it easily, but i can't seem to do it.

Is my next step woolies photo booth ?

Thanks Phil

  Technotiger 12:07 28 Dec 2004

Hi, I have done several passport photos where I have sized them in the actual Print setup process
within the printer preferences. Cheers.

  Eargasm 12:32 28 Dec 2004

Thanks, i have inserted a picture into word but when i size it down to 45mm x 35mm the image elongates.

Just wondered if there was any software that had a 45mm x 35mm template already in it and resized it automatically.

  Eargasm 12:39 28 Dec 2004

Thanks for the link, the free trial leaves a watermark over the image.

As i need passports for the whole family i think my easiest option is to shell out £12 in woolies.

  Dizzy174 13:28 28 Dec 2004


If you have paintshop pro 8. You can select the crop tool, set the size to 3.5 x 4.5 cm.when the box appears pressing shift and dragging a corner handle of the (crop)box to maintain the aspect ratio to a size that will cover your selection, drag the box over your selection and double click, this will give you the desired picture but wrong dimensions. to get the right dimensions click on image on the top menu bar and resize the image to 3.5 x 4.5 cm. Just tried it and it worked ok for me. hope this helps

  Eargasm 13:54 28 Dec 2004

I only have psp 5

I have been fiddling with mgi photosuite and managed to get photo 3.5 x 4.5.

The minimum passport photo must be at least 800dpi.

The size of my image is 140 x 173 am i right in thinking that these numbers multiplied together gives the dpi ?

  Dizzy174 14:13 28 Dec 2004

Sorry Can't help you there never was good with the maths technology, but if the quality of the picture is good ie pixel per inch should be ok, is there a resampling option on the menu bar that will give you a lead? I think when they refer to 800 dpi that may be the print quality that you can set in your printer settings ie best quality.

  Eargasm 14:20 28 Dec 2004

Ok thanks, i'll print them out and see what they look like.

  Technotiger 14:27 28 Dec 2004

Hi again, I also have Photosuite - in Photosuite insert your pic after going to Compose>Collages>BlankCanvas - you will then get options to set to 800dpi. You can practice with different sizes to get passport size. The resize option is in the drop-down menu under Adjust.
Set it up as a collage and you can also copy pic (within collage) to be able to print 4x passport pics at one go. Save your resultant 'collage' as jpeg, ready to print. Cheers.

  Eargasm 22:32 28 Dec 2004

Thanks for the help all

Iv'e decided on a family trip out to woolie's in the morning.

  bazb 22:57 28 Dec 2004


this link click here will give you all the info on new passport photo's.

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