Printing via Parallel /usb to parallel cable.

  Allan RISC OS user 17:47 12 Nov 2003

I have for some time had problems when printing from my HP Pavilion 7940 to my Epson Stylus Photo 700.
I was using the parallel port and sending data via a manual switch box, I have now changed to a usb hub which in turn has a usb to parallel cable attached, the print problem is still on-going, I have also tried parallel to printer direct not via a switch but still same.
The result of attempting to print is, the first few lines or about 1 inch of a picture is printed followed by a paper feed and if I am lucky the rest of the print will be on the next sheet, if the job is over a number of pages I may get the next full page or only half a page followed by more half pages or just dozens of paper feeds until I abort the job. I am sure the printer is ok as I am able to use either of the above mentionsed interfaces with a RISC OS PC.
I am also wondering if the parallel port could be at fault as I have never been able to use my Epson GT5000 Scanner with the PC but again ok on my other computer.
The PC is running Windows Me,which has been re installed on a number of occassions, along with the printer and scanner driver, the pc cannot see the scanner and asks if it is switched on.
I am lead to believe that the scanner should work with Me, as it did with 95 and 98
Can any one offer any thoughts on this matter

  recap 19:09 12 Nov 2003

Take a look in the Control Panel/System/Device Manager and look to see if there are any conflict with the USB. If there is follow the troubleshooting steps. If not try the following:

Uninstall all software related to all printers and scanners. Hard Reboot. Install the scanner software first with out it plugged in, then do the same for the printer.

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