printing over the internet

  technician 04:22 25 Aug 2004

Is it possible to access a printer at work over the internet to print autocad drawings direct from home. the computer at work is on a network and both mine and the works computer run windows xp

  end 11:44 25 Aug 2004

thought one of the "experts" might have had a crack at this , so putting my "pennys-worth";
should be possible if, as you say, you are on a network ; your computer should be linked to the others and to the printers on the network;do you know the exact "address "of the printer you wish to use? If so, and it is on the system then you should have no problems.
when you ask the Pc to print, you need to see which printer the page is going to, and, if necessary, search for and enter that printer in the "printer to use" option ( at least that is the way it works on ours at work:) )
am sure that if I am wrong someone will dive in and advice us both:)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:50 25 Aug 2004

click here assuming that you cannot connect to the network at home or that you have VPN. Failing that, send the files as an email attachment...unless they are mega-huge or you have dial-up at home.


  Graham ® 14:04 25 Aug 2004

To access your works' network, and therefore the printer, the network would need its own dial-in number. You would then configure your computer to dial this number.

Note that this does not use the internet, and cannot be done on broadband.

  end 14:16 25 Aug 2004

have I misread your original posting..are you actually on your work"s network at home ? or just running the same OS as your work?

can you clarify that please..

( tried this once with an attempt to access my "internal e mails", and gave up as no possible solution for me was /is available at present...maybe in the future though...they "are working on it")

  TomJerry 14:33 25 Aug 2004

(1) The easiest way is to use VPN (Virtual private Network) to connect to your work network. Ask your work network administrator about this.

(2) Use a remote program to access your work PC which is networed to printer and switch on. Basically, you control your work PC from home. There are many program for this, e.g. Goto MYPC click here, pcAnywhere click here, Laplink Everywhere click here; RealVNC (free, but not easy to setup) click here

  end 00:31 27 Aug 2004

I dont think your home computer is on the network, although you say you are "linked in" to the server;I would have thought that your admin staff at work should be able to confirm this as they shoudl be able to tell which computers are actually on the system; at least you are all on the same OS which is a start!!

have a word with your admin staff ; it may be that they need to " link you in " somehow..( am "stabbing " at this one from what I know of my work systems) ; I dont think it is impossible but needs you admin staff to "take a look " for you; hope that helps?

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