printing out webpages without the footnotes

  cyberpharmacist 18:41 05 Nov 2003

Hi All,

I am wondering if any one knows how I can print out webpages without displaying the footnotes from internet explorer - there is the temp file name and the date printed on the footnote of the page.

I am creating an official letter which is easiest to have it displayed in asp pages, so having it shown and printed as a webpage would seems to be most sensible. however, with the temp file name at the bottom, which seems to ruin the image a little.

If this is not possible, is there anything that i can achieve the same result? I have looked into office web component creating RTF files, but that seems to be a little too difficult as I can only find examples in the msdn site, which doesn't help that much.

many thanks.

  Djohn 18:44 05 Nov 2003

One way would be to highlight the contents of the page with your cursor and "Copy" then open "Word" and "paste". From there you can edit the page as you wish and do a print-out. j.

  recap 18:51 05 Nov 2003

Further to DJohn's suggestion, if the net page is long instead of trying to click and scroll down the page try the follwoing: left click at the start of the text scroll to the end hold the shift key down and click again. You will find all the text highlighted.

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