Printing out an index sheet of photos which will show only file name

  missepr 17:15 15 Jul 2013


Can anyone recommend a programme that will allow me to print out an Index Sheet of photos which will include the filename and not the file type. For example, if I had a photo and the name under it was Joe Bloggs, I would just want it to print out Joe Bloggs and not Joe Bloggs.jpeg. I am running Windows 7 and used to be able to do this with Windows XP but now with Windows Photo Editor the photos on the Index sheet are rotated and I cannot find out why this is. In addition I have tried doing the same thing using Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 and it will print the photos the right way up but I want to include the file name and not the file type and I can't exclude the file type from the file name in this programme. Help please, I am so frustrated!

  lotvic 00:22 16 Jul 2013

I think you would be better using the free program IrfanView 4.36 which will do as you want, not rotate images and print a contact sheet with just the file name (use $N, file name without extension you get to choose what filename detail) click here takes a bit of learning to create the contact sheet from thumbnails (which then goes on a clipboard and when you click on print it gives you a print preview of the contact sheet) I only had a quick go at creating one but it works okay for me.


  lotvic 00:28 16 Jul 2013

Should have said you can save the created Clipboard contact sheet as an image so that you have a file copy of it.

If any more questions post back with them and someone will help (or I'll try it out in Irfanview and work out which buttons to press - lol :))

  lotvic 01:25 16 Jul 2013

I found that if I open a Word document and then insert the saved clipboard image in it is easier to see what it looks like on an A4 sheet. Also can then diagonally stretch or reduce the image (use corner marker to keep thumbnail pics in proportion) and can also reposition the pic on the page.

Note: when installing Irfanview don't forget to unselect Chrome when offered (if you don't want it)

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