Printing out emails in Outlook 2007

  Fatboy415 16:56 16 Oct 2008

I know it’s not environmentally friendly to print out emails but for work I don’t have a choice.

The problem I have using Outlook 2007 is that when I print an email a dialogue box appears asking how many copies I want but not giving me the option to choose page 1 of 2 for example.

Therefore I print off numerous pages a day with just a few lines on page 2, usually the client’s disclaimer to be put into the recycle box.

Has anyone found a swift and effective way either through Outlook or with a separate program to only print off the pages you want?

Hopefully I’m not being totally dumb and missing something obvious.

Thank you

  Pineman100 18:05 16 Oct 2008

I use a much older version of Outlook, so the following may not be relevant, but...

When you print, are you just clicking the print button? If so, try clicking Print on the File menu instead. This should give you the full choice of printer options to select from.

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