Printing non-standard sizes

  stoner 18:15 26 Sep 2005

Anyone out there know how to print customized, non-standard paper sizes on XP Pro using my Lexmark Z32 Inkjet printer?

I know its got something to do with Page Layout in Word and Printer Server from the File menu in Printer & Faxes from Start Button but I can't work it out and its driving me crazy!

I don't want to do anything fancy - just print addresses on non-standard envelopes!


  MAJ 18:25 26 Sep 2005

If you have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works, there is an option under the Tools menu to do custom envelopes, stoner.

  wiz-king 18:25 26 Sep 2005

I use Win98 and it may be different in XP.
in Word - tools / envelopes & labels / envelopes / options and you should have a list of sizes, the last one is custom and you can set the size here if you cant find the one you want in the list.

  Pidder 18:50 26 Sep 2005

Doesn't your printer give a "custom" paper size? Both my HP and Epson do so would expect yours to.

  stoner 19:22 26 Sep 2005

Guys! Thnx,

Quickly revising my low opinion of PC Advisor Website Forum Help!

Previously had just passed envelope through my inkjet as piece of plain paper set to whatever dimensions it happened to be with address set in as flexible text box with no border.

Doesn't work so well with XP!

But exploring your suggestions of using Tools/Letter & Mailings/Envelopes & Lables/Options etc.

I guess I will have to click "Add to document" when I have correct size and placing?

Thnx for all yr help so far .....

  MAJ 19:27 26 Sep 2005

"Quickly revising my low opinion of PC Advisor Website Forum Help!"

WHAT???!!!! How did you get such a low opinion, stoner??

  stoner 19:38 26 Sep 2005

Always found that replies generally well intentioned but mis interpreted my problem so no solution! Just aggravation!

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