Printing to non-Standard Paper

  poogles_uk 11:46 01 Feb 2006

Im looking into this for my computing teacher

He wants to print to a piece of paper that is the same width but twice as long as a4

I can set the paper size to this in word, and then reset the printer page size to the same size, but a print preview shows it is cut off at A4 size, and when you print, it says

'One or more margins are set outside the printable area of the page'

Which you can fix or ignore, whichever, it doesn't print more than A4 size

Can post screenies

Me thinks it's something to do with the printers.....

would them being set to PS (Post Script) Have anything to do with it?



  De Marcus™ 11:48 01 Feb 2006

Does the printer driver offer a banner mode?

  Belatucadrus 11:56 01 Feb 2006

Try looking in the Print properties, you can usually access the paper format there. Both my laser and Inkjet printers have a custom option whereby you can specify the page size within certain limits.

  poogles_uk 13:46 01 Feb 2006

The printer options do allow you to have custom sizes, and i tried one that was the same width, but just a little shorter

When this is set, and you try to print, it still tells you that it is outside the print borders

And it does remember that, when you go back in to check it again, its still there

I changed it in the file, print, proporties (one at side of printer name), and then one fo the pages had page size

Also, its office 2k3


  Biotech 13:53 01 Feb 2006

Are you trying to print a graphic or text

  poogles_uk 14:07 01 Feb 2006


  pj123 14:17 01 Feb 2006

Seems as if this can be done. I am using Word 2000 and if I go into Page Setup I can set the page size to 8.25 inches wide by 22 inches long maximum. Twice A4 length is 23.5 inches but if you can manage with 22 inch length I don't see a problem. Obviously, I can't test it as I do not have any paper that size. I may be able to give it try if I sellotape two bits of A4 together.

  pj123 14:29 01 Feb 2006

I did just try that. I sellotaped two A4 sheets together. Set my page in Page Setup to 22 inches, set my printer to User Defined and printed. Worked perfectly.

  poogles_uk 14:30 01 Feb 2006

If you could just set that up, stick words on that, and then have a look at print preview

Also, you dont have to print it, but if you click print, see if it asks you to ignore the fact that it is outside the print margins



  poogles_uk 14:32 01 Feb 2006

Hmm, so it seems its office 2k3.....

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