printing off a network

  Madpad_001 17:52 12 Apr 2004

I have my home pc (running xp Home) and my Laptop (Also on xp home) connected together usinf a cross over cable. I can access the internet fine on the laptop (The home pc has the modem on it) but i can not access any files via the network and can't use the printer that is connected on to the home PC. I used the network wizzard to set very thing up.I also have installed the printer software onto my laptop. So I am at a total loss!!! Can any one help me.

  bremner 17:56 12 Apr 2004

Have you checked to see that the printer is shown as 'Shared' on the machine it is connected to?

  anon1 17:58 12 Apr 2004

You will also need to set the files to share or the drive if you wish to share all of it.

  anon1 17:59 12 Apr 2004

a thought if you are not sure how to it is simply right click the drive/file and choose sharing and security.

  Madpad_001 18:00 12 Apr 2004

I have my C drive shared, but did not know that had to tell printer as well

  Madpad_001 19:11 12 Apr 2004

I have tried to reinstalled the printer software onto my laptop but it says I do not have access to my network. I am lgged on as the adminstrator for both systems and the internet works fine on my laptop. So what else am i doing wrong??
PS the printer has been setup as a shared printer & the both C: drives are setup for sharing.

  anon1 19:15 12 Apr 2004

Do you have both computers in the same workgroup eg "home"

  Madpad_001 19:17 12 Apr 2004

Yes my workgroup name is the same for both computers

  bremner 19:28 12 Apr 2004

Have you added the printer to the laptop as a network resource?

ie Control Panel > Printers > Add Printers and then chosen "add network printer

  Madpad_001 19:40 12 Apr 2004

I am still anable to access my main PC via the network it says the following :- home (name of network) is not accessable you might not have access to this network

  anon1 19:44 12 Apr 2004

try using start/search-computers or people and see if you find it that way. I had a similar problem once and that solved it for me.

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