Printing multiple pictures on one page.

  Gaz W 12:29 21 Jul 2003

I have lots of pictures, which are all about 5cm x 5cm, and I want to be able to print them all on the same page in their original size and keeping their proportions. I also want to be able to put a caption under each picture, but it isn't necessary for all of them. When I used the Windows XP Photo Printing Wizard, it printed them all to a set size, distorting some of them, and put the filename as a caption underneath each one.

I use Adobe Photoshop 6. Would a program like ACDSee be suitable for what I'm trying to do, or does Photoshop have something like this built in?

I know I can just use Word, but I'm after a method that is much less time consuming.

  Diemmess 14:54 21 Jul 2003

Weird that no one else so far has offered a way.
I use Corel Photopaint, but Photoshop should work the same way..... and I can only say what I do.

1 Open a new file specifying the resolution with the trade-off of high definition against huge file size. e.g if you are printing A4 then much beyond 200 dpi cannot be seen without a lens!

2 Adjust any basic changes you wish to make to any of your pictures....... Import your pics one at a time, and position them in this new file (you can make adjustments to actual size in (my) Print Preview if you didn't do it before importing. You can of course simply copy and paste instaed if you prefer ..........
2a Probably safer to save each time you have finished with the latest import.

3 Repeat 2 as many time as necessary to fill the sheet, save and print.

Captions can be written freehand and placed where you want on this final file/sheet after importing all the smaller files.

  Gaz W 15:03 21 Jul 2003

Thanks for that. I'll do that for now, but I'm sure there must be a way to print them out as separate files on the same page easily. If I create an image just a bit smaller than an A4 sheet it should be easy to lay them out. If I need a caption below I can still use Photoshop.

  Gaz W 15:06 21 Jul 2003

Just found some more information on ACDSee that I couldn't find before, and it seems that it might allow me to print multiple pictures, but I'm not sure about it keeping the original proportions and printing pictures of different sizes. Maybe someone on here will know?

  Diemmess 15:23 21 Jul 2003

I think we are talking the same way. When I said captions can be added "freehand" I meant typed in as text on the final file.

Obviously you have done something similar before when you placed the final image where you wanted it on the sheet and then another image on the same sheet in a different place before running it through the printer, and saving lots of paper.........4 prints to an A4 still produces acceptable sizes for average prints.

The tedious method described earlier, I used for the back cover of a Village Appraisal report. It looked rather like the montage that many people do when their holiday snaps look fine together, but perhaps don't justify a finite page in an album. This montage has 22 pictures in a roughly 8"x 9" space.

  Diemmess 15:52 21 Jul 2003

Again amend "the same sheet in a different place before running it through the printer" - AGAIN.

One more thought.... you mention distortion when letting the simpler XP software have its fling.

If your photos are all the same size to start with, (mine never are) there is no problem, but if you have cropped any then they will be different.
When you have prepared a selection for printing you can select the physical size either by typing in the dimension or altering the % size, and look for a check box which says "maintain aspect ratio." This ensures that if you make any change to a dimension(say height) then the other(width) will change itself by the exact amount required to maintain the (proportions) aspect ratio of the picture.

  Pesala 16:19 21 Jul 2003

Use a DTP program like Serif Page Plus

Guidelines and rulers make it much easier to align the pictures, file size is minimal as the graphics are linked, borders or even drop shadows can be added if you wish, and of course captions can be applied using a paragraph style to make sure they all match.

  Gaz W 16:33 21 Jul 2003

Thanks Diemmess and Pesala for your help. For now I think I'll just have to use Photoshop, or download the ACDSee demo.

I have cropped all of these images, as they are only intended to be small in size, but because of the different images, none are exactly the same size and can't be made to be either.

Gaz W

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:44 21 Jul 2003

Why not open a blank word document, paste 'em in there and then caption them?


  keith-236785 17:45 21 Jul 2003

As GANDALF <|:-)> said, but use a Table in word, make it whatever size you want and Insert each picture in its own Cell, then the cell underneath can be used for the description.

This would let you use the grab handles on the corner of the pics to resize them to your liking, just remember though that the line of cells defaults to the height of the largest so if you have several large pics, put them on the same line.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:50 21 Jul 2003

You can paste the photos in at any size..simple ways are the best ;-)))


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