printing from MS Word

  Yimbo 14:18 05 May 2014

I've composed a document (1 page A5 size) using MS Word. I want to have it printed on the right hand side of an A4 sheet in landscape mode - but I can't find out how to do this. . Not sure if this is a setting required in MS Word or a printer setting. My printer is Canon MG5550

  Ian in Northampton 14:31 05 May 2014

It depends somewhat on which version of Word (2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.) In Word 2010, go to the Page Layout tab on the ribbon and choose 'orientation', then set 'landscape' instead of 'portrait'. On the same tab, click 'Size'. In Word 2003, it's File, Page Setup to choose orientation, and then in the same dialog box, 'paper' allows you to set the size.

  Pine Man 14:59 05 May 2014

Or you could select Landscape and then set the document up with two columns.

  Yimbo 15:07 05 May 2014

Thanks Ian in Northampton for your helpful advice. It's Word 2010 I'm using. Following what you say, I've changed Orientation to landscape and the size to A4 - but this just stretches the document across the whole page. Sizing to A5, splits the doc onto two pages.

What I want is to print an A4 page with my A5 Word doc appearing on the right hand side, with the left side blank.

Sorry to bother you with this.

  wee eddie 15:35 05 May 2014

I think that you will have to reduce the Font Size until it fits 1/2 the landscaped Sheet

  BRYNIT 16:28 05 May 2014

From the instructions I believe your printer can print to booklets and duplexing, if you select A4 and in the printer settings select booklet it should print the A5 on the right side of the A4 page being the first page of a booklet.

  Yimbo 16:59 05 May 2014

Thanks BRYNIT, I believe this is the way to go!

I appreciate all the help with this post!

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