Printing mp3 files

  sputnick 13:33 20 Apr 2011

How can I print out the content of a folder of mp3 files? Selecting all and copy and paste copies music as well. I only need the track text info.

  Ian in Northampton 14:45 20 Apr 2011

Could you use print screen? That will create an image of the .mp3 directory in your clipboard which you can then paste into e.g. Word and print out. Or do I misunderstand the question?

  Ian in Northampton 14:47 20 Apr 2011

There are, by the way, also free programs that will allow you to print out the contents of a directory. You may have some joy with Karen's Directory Printer at

  woodchip 15:12 20 Apr 2011

Media Player May let you do it, as it can get song names from Internet if you set it to. And if you play a CD it can get Info from the Net, so I would think you can print the list

  RGB76 20:06 20 Apr 2011

Open the folder containing your MP3s and right click, then select view and choose the list option,you will then see your MP3 titles listed, from there you can select them all and choose copy, then paste them into your text editor.

You could also press the print screen key and they will be on the clip board ready to paste into a paint program, save the file as a Jpeg and you can load the resulting image into most any program you like and print them out any size you like.

  Thalmus 08:28 21 Apr 2011

If you're using Vista or Windows 7, open your music folder hold the shift key and right click a piece of empty space and select open command prompt here. In the black box that opens type dir /b > list.txt and press enter. You will now a text file in your music folder called list that lists your folder contents

  sputnick 08:49 21 Apr 2011

Thanks for your replies all worked to some degree but I think Thalmus idea is fine as once done it leaves a text file in the folder. Many thanks

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