printing larger than the saved picture

  apollogeemark 20:57 04 Aug 2003

Hi I have some pictures that i want to print bigger than they are when useing win picture & fax viewer.

I open the pictures and use the zoom but when printed there still the origanal size.

Anyone help.
Many thanks

  beec crump 21:18 04 Aug 2003

I dont know either of those programs but zooming only enlarges them on the screen for the user to see the detail

As for printing it larger I use MS Photo Editor which comes with Win2K I dont know about other versions. If you go file > print you can alter the size and see it in relation to the page.

Hope this helps,

  beec crump 21:19 04 Aug 2003

obviously i dont know what format you are using

  apollogeemark 21:25 04 Aug 2003

I am useing pictures saved onto My pictures file taken with a digital camera

  mr gee 21:37 04 Aug 2003

what os are you using? and which printer have you got? some printers will give you printing preference options which you adjust and can then print to any size you set

  anchor 08:50 05 Aug 2003

Like beec crump, I am not familiar with the programmes you are using. However, the free programme Irfanview will effectively increase the picture size, thus enabling larger prints.

click here

  Taff36 08:59 05 Aug 2003

Why don`t you open Word. Then simply insert the picture and then enlarge it to whatever size you want?

In Word select the insert menu then picture then from file and search for the file on your hard disk. Once inserted click the picture and drag the size "handles" to the correct location.

  DieSse 09:06 05 Aug 2003

Also, almost any photo manipulation software will enable you to choose the printed size of the picture.

In MS Photo Editor (the copy that comes with WinXP, so probably also the copy with Win2000) - you can choose the actual print size of the image in the print window that opens with File - Print.

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