Printing Labels with the Avery DesignPro 2000

  It's Me 20:35 21 Sep 2004

After an earlier thread I eventually bought the Avery software to do our Christmas Card Address labels

I sorted out, quite quickly for me, how to set the label I use, and the fields, and merrily typed in my 56 labels.

Great I thought. I was counting my chickens too soon as usual. I tried the printing. I couldn't get to see the typed labels. Printing just produced clean sheets. Every time I went to the printing box and then returned to the Edit I found that my 56 had reduced to 1, but they returned, only if I closed the programme and opened it again. What if I try and save the preview with the file as is available on the 'save as' - - stupid boy - - now I only have 1 of my 56 labels.

OK. so I will have to retype the other 55 labels. But can you tell me how I get to actually print them off please, as the instructions seem to be not clear, at least not to me.

  brambles 21:19 21 Sep 2004

Have you thought to contact Avery - they have a very good response system and you will find the phone number on the back of the Avery folder label.

I am a label enthusiast but I only have the Freebie software & it sounds as if you are trying to attach a database & do a label merge. I'm not sure Averys particularly good for that.

You can create your database in WORD then merge it, so you have a label print of all your contacts.

Design your fancy label in Avery - no names and addresses - do a full sheet print - then use this to print again in WORD to put the addresses in.

Brambles (73 year old enthusiast)

  It's Me 15:00 22 Sep 2004

Thank you from a younger man, only 70.
When I first bought this software I couldn't find the Serial Number that Manual told me I needed, so I 'phoned the Helpline, so goodness knows why I didn't think of that.

Anyway they gave me the number of their Technical Helpline (08705522357) who proved to be most friendly and solved the problem for me. I then had another problem that the print was not all within the label, so another call solved that too. Each call was answered quickly and with the minimum of fuss. I can't fault them, mind you since I now know what to do, I still cannot find either item in the Manual.

For your info. the whole process is very simple from within the programme with no need of any other programme. Which is as well really, as I don't use Word. I use Word Pro as Lotus was where I did all my learning so to speak.

Thanks again. and take care.

  brambles 19:28 22 Sep 2004

Pleased to hear Avery solved the problems for you - I didn't think they wouldn't - to use my favourite double negative.

They do a label J8165 so you will obviously have the template for this on the software. I do a lot of cards for our Church functions - but you can create them for anything - design the card as if you were going to use a J8165 label but instead put light card in the printer. You do need someone with a guillotine to cut them properly afterwards.

Kind regards

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