Printing Labels in Access

  TechMad 18:39 21 Aug 2003

I have a plant database, which records the quantity of plants that have been ordered. I then have a query that will collect up all the quantity values and then give me say 37 snowdrops ordered. How do I get this value to translate into the quantity of labels I need to print?

  seedie 19:04 21 Aug 2003

You're using Access?

You'd be better off showing the rest of us how to use it, anyway I'd just print 17 lables in Word, it can even print consecutively if you need to number them #:>)


  seedie 19:04 21 Aug 2003

Umm 37

  wee eddie 21:43 21 Aug 2003

He hasn't posted for a couple of days but he seems to have a superior grasp of Access.

Good luck and "Bump" the thread now and again

  SheffieldSpy 08:33 22 Aug 2003

Try the label wizard in 'Reports'. I assume you are using Access.

  wee eddie 21:31 22 Aug 2003


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