printing issues

  dickieturpin123 12:17 03 Dec 2014


Can anyone shed any light on a printing issue i have. I hp wireless printer, which will scan, copy and print via ipads will also print from the main pc (windows 7) via wireless if im printing a word document. It wont however, print anything from the internet from the main pc, like a news article or an email etc.

Any suggestions to rectify would be great

  chub_tor 15:47 03 Dec 2014

It would seem that your default printer is not set up to print from the internet. In IE you can do this by going to File/Print and then selecting it, in Chrome you go to the 3 stripes top right, click on those and then choose Print and select your default printer as the Destination and finally in Firefox click on the 3 stripes then Print then when the page comes up make sure that the default printer is selected when you click on Print.

  SparkyJack 08:45 04 Dec 2014

Pressing Ctrl 'P' together will print anything that is on screen no mattervwhatche source.

  chub_tor 09:04 04 Dec 2014

SparkyJack Ctrl+P will send and instruction to print but you still have to select the printer to be used if there is more than one. So this would be a good way to check that the default printer for internet pages is the HP wireless printer.

  SparkyJack 14:17 04 Dec 2014

chub_tor correct, in fact as in Windows the default is an M/S print than the installed pribter this wull aalways bee the case. The installed printer has to be selected and in some insrances[me] with two pribters installed and the Win machine will run bith but the Mint17 will weork on on one. So a 30pt note is stuck to the wall infront of me is the following

'Printig? Which orinter, Which computer THINK!

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