Printing ink types

  Kernel 12:12 24 Oct 2008

I have two Canon printers, a Pixma IP6600D and a
i560, in order to buy the correct paper to do some double sided printing I need to know if the inks used are pigment or dye - not as easy as some might think!

  mooly 12:17 24 Oct 2008

That's weird. I emailed Jettec on that very subject yesterday. I print occasionally on some special transparancy material and the latest packets say only to be used with dye type inks. Had no reply though. Mines an Epson.
How do you tell. I sort of assumed that cheaper inks would be dye based but I have no idea really.

  jack 12:25 24 Oct 2008

Printer modsels are design for distinct ink types
for example R220/300 use dye type whilst R800 series use Pigment type.
So later 2/300 series I think you can assume to be dye.
Also click here

  mooly 17:19 24 Oct 2008

Interesting reading - thanks

  mooly 08:14 25 Oct 2008

The original Epson cartridges ( TO711 series ) say to shake tham first. Pigment type ink ?

  BT 08:30 25 Oct 2008

The only Pigment Ink compatibles that I have seen are made by Inkrite
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  palinka 10:20 25 Oct 2008

maybe the Canon website will give you the info.
Or a google search for the differnt ink types.
I assume that your printer(s) prints 2-sided simultaneously? Otherwise I don't see what the issue is - I regularly print BOTH sides of a page (by printing side 1, then putting paper in again the other way round and printing page 2); this can be done with any printer and any type of ink and I use cheap duplicating paper (eg. whatever is on offer at 2 for 1 in stationery supply shops.)

  Kernel 13:33 25 Oct 2008

Sorry, should have made it clear that the printing is to be on glossy photographic paper.

To access the Canon site you need to know what equipment you have, serial numbers, when you purchased it etc. etc. - not worth the hassle patriculalrly when Canon are adept at concealing serial numbers!

  johnincrete 14:23 25 Oct 2008

I have found that my local Cartridge World a mine of information. Wherever you get your cartridges should be able to advise you

  Kernel 17:56 26 Oct 2008

Many thanks all, coincidentally - speaking to a Cartridge World bod - he tells me that all their refills are pigment, if so this solves my problem!

  mooly 11:12 27 Oct 2008

Jettec replied today. The T0711/2/3/4 Jettec replacements all use dye bases inks. Which is just what I wanted for printing on some special transparancy material.

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