Printing with ICC profiles

  [DELETED] 15:38 03 Jun 2006

I have recently produced a set of ICC profiles for the paper and ink combinations I use in my printer (Epson SP 1290S).

Using Photoshop, I can now create colour accurate photo prints, by using the Print with Preview option and setting PS to handle colour management, selecting the appropriate ICC profile and then setting "No Color Management" within the printer driver.

I now would like to be able to use the profiles from within other applications. Going into Printers and Faxes and then right-clicking on my printer icon and choosing preferences, there's a tab entitled "Color Management" and on that screen I can add profiles and select a default. Using this method, I have added all the ICC profiles I created.

Now, to print using these profiles, I've tried the following. First, I went back to the Color Management tab and set as default the profile for the type of paper I'm using. Then, within the software I'm printing from, I accessed the printer properties, selected the appropriate paper type and resolution, and, for the color options chose ICM (which, according to the printer's help files, should mean that Windows color matching preferences are used).

Using this method from Photoshop produces images which are very similar to those produced using Photoshop using my original method described above (and, I'm assuming that the /slight/ difference there is, is probably caused by a different rendering intent being used by Windows).

The difficulty is printing from other applications - even printing the same photo from a different programme, with exactly the same settings, produces prints with different colours.

The only solution I have found to this so far is to print anything I want to print from an application other than Photoshop to a PDF and then use Adobe Acrobat to output it to paper, since this has similar colour management options to Photoshop. This seems a rather long-winded approach and I'm sure there has to be an easier way.

Does anyone have a method for using ICC profiles from Windows directly, such that the colour management becomes application independent?

Many thanks in advance if you can help.

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