Printing greetings cards within Adobe Illustrator

  bigdavecox90 16:09 07 Mar 2018

Hi guys,

I'm new to all of this so wanted to ask for advice; and what better place?!

I am trying to print greetings cards on ready made 5 x 7 pre-scored card from Adobe Illustrator.

I have set my work space to 10 x 7, so naturally, I'd hope that this would print perfectly from within Illustrator on my Epson XP 345.

Am I right? Printer settings are currently set at 'Defined by Driver' and I'm working on the latest Mac software.

Any advice for getting the best quality print also? I printed something in black and white previously and it almost looked brown? To be clear, there is plenty of ink in the cartridges!

Thanks in advance,


  wee eddie 16:51 07 Mar 2018

Much must depend on the Glaze on the Card's surface

  Forum Editor 16:51 07 Mar 2018

"I have set my work space to 10 x 7"

For a 5x7 card you should use the rectangle tool to set your Illustrator work space at 5x7.

Then create a second rectangle slightly larger than the first - by about 0.25 of an inch all round. This will be the cutting line.

Finally, Click on the second line, and go to View/Guides/Make Guides. Now Create another line. This one is a bleeding line, extending the background color all the way to the edges of your card. Set it bigger than your cutting line by about 0.25 inches so that it serves as another guide.

Make sure that you keep all of your card's graphic content inside the first rectangle.

Once you've finished, try printing a test copy. You can play about with paper sizes and print options later - just print to A4 paper to start with.

  bigdavecox90 17:01 07 Mar 2018

Thanks for your response, will this still be valid even if I'm printing on the correct size card?

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