printing fonts are different colours p707 lexmark

  nyleridedog 19:19 13 Sep 2003

hi guys

I have just bought a lexmark p707 i have installed it okay as far as i know.
The problem is that the fonts come out half black and half pink and green and with lines going thru them
pictures print okay though!

any ideas


  Jester2K II 19:30 13 Sep 2003

You need to clean the head or run the alignment program by the sounds of it.

You should always do this with new cartridges...

  nyleridedog 19:32 13 Sep 2003

nice one

i did the clean where it did a printout of all the colours in long strips!
about the alignment part, any ideas where i can find that?

  Djohn 19:44 13 Sep 2003

Right click on your printer Icon, then choose properties. If you have the facility for head alignment, then you will find it from there. j.

  nyleridedog 12:11 14 Sep 2003

did the alignment both auto and manual but to no avail!
cheers anyway guys

  Wak 15:35 14 Sep 2003

I have never used a P707 but have a Lexmark X75.
From what you say, you must be using your colour cartridge to print black text which can be wasteful. Therefore, assuming that your black cartridge is OK,I suggest you go in to Wordpad and make a document having a row of RED capital Rs, a row of BLUE capital Bs and a row of YELLOW capital Ys and choose a large font size, say size 20 or 24.
Print this document out and you should be able to tell which print nozzle or nozzles are blocked.
If any are blocked, remove the colour cartridge and stand the nozzle end in about 1/4" of hot water (not boiling) in a saucer for 10 minutes taking care not to touch the electrical contacts.
Then stand the cartridge on a damp paper tissue until all the colours are flowing OK.
You may have to repeat the hot water once or twice to get them flowing freely.
When they are flowing OK replace the cartridge and run the clean and re-alignment programs.
I hope this helps.

  nyleridedog 10:07 15 Sep 2003

cheers wak

i will try that later see if that solves the problem.

the printer and the cartriges are brand new though and this has happened since i plugged it in.
i will give that a try later though no dought


  Wak 19:26 15 Sep 2003

If you make the document as I suggested earlier it will also tell you if you have the cartridges in the right way round, ie. is the colour cartridge where the black one should be???

  britto 20:12 15 Sep 2003

What cartriges have you in the printer? I have the 706 and it came with colour & photo carts,
in the maintainance section of the lexmark solution center are the carts selected properly ie.left colour, right photo or black. the manual with trouble shooting is on the istallation disc if you need it.

  nyleridedog 11:05 16 Sep 2003

cheers guys

The cartridges are placed in the right slots
i.e colour left and photo right.

On my print outs it looks as though any black text comes out top half black, middle section green and the bottom of the text is pink!
images print ok as well even if their is black text in it!


cheers guys

  Wak 12:05 16 Sep 2003

Not having a 706, I can't really help any further with your problem but I would suggest that you get a BLACK only cartridge as it is wasteful and expensive to use a colour cartridge just to print black as it uses all the colours and, therefore, three times the amount of ink necessary.
It might also cure your problem.

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