Printing excel pages

  ponytail 08:55 03 Jun 2012

I use excel to keep a up to date record of my bank account and print it off periodically which was fine but have now changed my printer to a Brother DCP-J315W Printer and I think I need to alter the settings.This is what I try to print.

Date. Debit. Credit. Supplier. Balance B/F. Done. Checked

As you can see there are eight columns but when I print the first four columns appear on one page and the other three on a seperate page on my other printer all eight columns would be on one page so how do I change the settings so they all appear on the same page also there are no lines which I would like .Can someone help.

  wiz-king 09:22 03 Jun 2012

Go into print preview in excel and drag the blue dashed line to the end of the columns you wish to print.

  ponytail 09:55 03 Jun 2012

Hi wiz-king not quite sure what you mean Clicked on print preview and it only shows the first four columns

  ponytail 10:01 03 Jun 2012

Hi Again wiz-king when I click on print preview it shows the first four columns then I click on next page it shows the other three columns when they should all be on the same page

  ponytail 10:06 03 Jun 2012

Me Again wiz-king cannot se any blue lines to move

  Woolwell 13:46 03 Jun 2012

Try printing in landscape instead of portrait.

  wiz-king 16:18 03 Jun 2012

Ah. may be the wrong print preview - click on view > page break preview, it should show you your columns with a vertical line of blue dashes after the first four columns which you can drag sideways to the end of the sheet.

Working from memory of 4 different versions of Excel as I dont have it on this computer!

  ponytail 07:10 05 Jun 2012

Hi wiz-king yes have found the blue lines now and they appear after the first four columns as you say but how do I get to drag them have tried normal way but nothing seems to happen.

  wiz-king 07:45 05 Jun 2012

Place mouse pointer on line (anywhere) and it should turn into a double headed arrow, hold down the left mouse button and drag.

  ponytail 07:49 05 Jun 2012

Hi again wiz-king have now tried to move the blue line but seem to have made the problem worse because when I now go back to my Computer and select the drive whch contains this folder and then open the folder all I now get is about a quarter of the folder in the top L/H corner at least before when I opened the folder it was all visible the problem only occured when I wanted to print.How can I now get the folder back to how it was before I moved the blue line.I did a system restore but it did not change it.

  wiz-king 08:27 05 Jun 2012

View > normal

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