printing in excel

  rsturbo 23:13 09 Oct 2003

using office 2000, i want to print selections of a spreadsheet;
i want to print A1 to L1 (column headings) with A12 to L12 down to and including A60 to L60
any ideas would be appreciated as accountant is chewing my ears to get my accounts in.

thanks for any help

  rsturbo 23:48 09 Oct 2003

gave the easiest and best results as far as selection and print setup is concerned.
thanks all for the help, hopefully accountant will be happy and i won't have a big tax bill!

  Alan2 23:52 09 Oct 2003

1. Select rows 2 to 11;
2. Click Format;
3. Click Row; slide along to "hide" and click it; [This hides all the rows you don't want]
4. Select cells A1 to A60;
5. Type ctrl+P;
6. Choose "Selection" and click OK.

I'd already tried VoG's suggestion but it gave me a big gap where the unwanted rows should have been and the above doesn't. It could be my printer (Jaws PDF - saving paper)I suppose.

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