Printing Emails

  ponytail 22:32 18 Jan 2010

My wife was making a enquiry about a walking holiday and she was emailed the details.She tried to print it of so she could sow a friend but the writing on the print out was so small neither of us could read it.In The actual email itself the meessage was spread quite wide which may have led to the very small print.Anyone have any ideas on how to get a larger print out.

  ponytail 22:37 18 Jan 2010

Just checked the print out again and half of the email is missing it looks like it is too wide for a A4 size sheet as it is only printing half the page any ideas.

  MAJ 22:39 18 Jan 2010

Look in Print Preview, make sure it isn't set to "Shrint to fit".

  Technotiger 22:39 18 Jan 2010

This might work, it does sometimes work with Internet pages in a browser - open the email and then hold down the Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel. Certainly not guaranteed, but worth a try.

  Technotiger 22:41 18 Jan 2010

In MAJ's print Preview, change the orientation to Landscape!

  ponytail 23:05 18 Jan 2010

Not sure what the problem is now.Have set the printer to landscape but now when I click on print the computer just goes back to the desktop it comes right out of my emails and into desktop whatever email I try to print.

  ponytail 23:18 18 Jan 2010

Ihave thought about uninstalling and then re-installing the printer and then I realised my CD/DVD Writer has a problem see my posting of 28th Dec Titled CD/DVD Writer as that problem has still not been resolved and I may have to get myself a external writer untill I sort that problem out.So cannot re-install.

  Graham. 23:32 18 Jan 2010

Open Word, in the email, Edit, Select all, copy and paste into Word. Then you can adjust the font size.

  ponytail 23:47 18 Jan 2010

What I have just done was go into the email copy it then went into word and pasted it and then it printed fine.I think the printing problem has something to do with internet explorer.I have two other email addresses hot mail and gmail.I forwarded the email to both of these and it still does not print and I get the message internet explorer not responding.

  ame 23:51 18 Jan 2010

Is it just the one e-mail that's printing like this? I had a problem a year or two ago when all my received e-mails looked fine on screen but printed much too large, taking 2-3 pages instead of 1.

  ame 00:07 19 Jan 2010

Still trying to remember the solution which was to do with setting font sizes somewhere - found this on web which may be the answer....."The print font size is also affected by Internet Explorer. If the font is too large or too small, change the text size in Internet Explorer by clicking View | Text Size and then try printing again."

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