Printing email photo's

  roygbiv 12:15 11 Oct 2003

My aunt cannot get the photo's to print out, when i send her scan of a newspaper / magazine cutting with text and photo in it, the text prints, not the photo. ??

  MAJ 12:37 11 Oct 2003

How are you sending them, roygbiv? As an attachment? Embedded in the email? Which operating system is she using? Which file type are you sending them as? etc. etc.

  pj123 12:37 11 Oct 2003

I assume you are sending it as a jpeg attachment? where is it being printed from? Is the attachment being saved first and then inserted into word and printed from there? or is it just being printed from the email?

  pj123 12:38 11 Oct 2003

Sorry maj, you got there before me.

  roygbiv 12:47 11 Oct 2003

I am send them O.E (insert piture)(my pictures)
From XP to XP. Sending as JPG ??.

  MAJ 12:49 11 Oct 2003

Send them as an attachment, roygbiv, your Aunt should be able to print them then, after saving them to her hard drive.

  roygbiv 12:54 11 Oct 2003

THANKS. i will do that and see what happens.

She only has access to the PC at night (working during the day) so it might be a while til i get a answer !!!! Thanks again.

  roygbiv 16:44 14 Oct 2003

Attaching them to a email did the job. Thanks

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