Printing in Edge as opposed to IE11

  compumac 12:32 09 Dec 2016

Windows 10, HP 6520 Printer

I use IE 11 for most of my work and when I access Print I have the print options as designated by my printer – one of them being to print in Booklet form.

If I use Edge, the print options do not include the ability to print in Booklet form.

How can I obtain the Full print options offered by my printer when using Edge?

  lotvic 14:09 09 Dec 2016

You are right, and MS haven't fixed it yet to get the 'proper' print options.

click here MS didn't have an answer or work-a-round.

  compumac 14:16 09 Dec 2016


Yes thanks for that. I had come across that thread but the comments were dated in 2015 and I would have thought there would be some improvement/correction to the issue by now, but apparently not.

  wee eddie 14:52 09 Dec 2016

Forgive me but both IE11 and Edge are Internet Browsers.

Download whatever you wish to print, and do it from the software on your computer

  lotvic 15:56 09 Dec 2016

wee eddie, what? To see what is meant:

Open a webpage in Edge > hold down Ctrl and press P

Open a webpage in IE11 or Firefox > hold down Ctrl and press P

  wee eddie 16:27 09 Dec 2016

What a waste of Paper. Why print a web page. Just save it if you really want to keep it

  compumac 16:49 09 Dec 2016

I was principally concerned with printing e-mails received. In IE I open the e-mail and print it out Booklet form

In Edge the option to print Booklet is not an option.

  lotvic 20:50 09 Dec 2016

Hmm, each to their own. Anyway the issue is the same, in Edge you do not get the same print dialogue options, unfortunately that at the moment seems to be a fact.

  compumac 21:05 09 Dec 2016


Thanks for confirming that the problem of printing is/was not restricted to me or my setup

  wee eddie 21:56 09 Dec 2016

As a matter of interest.

What happens when you present Edge with an email that is 7,or more, pages long?

  compumac 22:07 09 Dec 2016

wee eddie

Cannot say that I have ever had an e-mail of seven pages or more.

Generally they may be two to three pages. - I print them in Booklet form for convenience.

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