Printing e-mails from Outlook Express

  JohnReed58 18:10 20 Sep 2003

Somehow my Outlook Express 5 has been corrupted when printing off a Hotel Web Site. It now prints out e-mails in 14 or 16 font size. I can find no way to make it revert to 11 or 12. The Tools/Options/Compose route has no effect at all, nor does selecting the text in a message and making it smaller on screen.
This happens if I connect to either of my 2 inkjets, both were OK before this corruption.
It is only the text of the messages that this applies to, the headings are fine.
Anyone know how to correct it?

  MAJ 18:18 20 Sep 2003

Go to Internet Explorer, View > Text Size and set it to Medium.

  MAJ 19:04 20 Sep 2003

Outlook Express > Tools > Options > Read tab > Fonts button, set the Font size to Medium.

  JohnReed58 08:31 21 Sep 2003

Tried the Outlook Express route first but that made no difference, then the Internet Explorer proposal - did the trick (I used the "Smaller" setting and it worked). I was surprised as I thought they were two separate programs.
Thank you

  MAJ 08:45 21 Sep 2003

They are two seperate programmes, JohnReed58, but they do have a lot in common when it comes to printing in OE, page setup for OE is another option that can be/needs to be set in IE. Glad that sorted it for you. :-)

  Stuartli 08:59 21 Sep 2003

You have to make the same settings for IE and OE - it's best to set both to Medium - from View>Text Size.

  Stuartli 09:01 21 Sep 2003

If you don't configure OE the same as IE you can end up with e-mails being printed out in a very, very large font size...:-)

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