Printing e-mails

  widgetwilk1 11:39 28 Nov 2011

All of a sudden I cannot print e-mails, all it will print is the heading From/To/Sent/Subject, it will not print the body of the mail, any idea why this has just happened?? My printer prints everything else, even web pages, but not even old e-mails Outlook Express 6, Firefox Browser, have IE 8, but do not use it,

  northumbria61 13:28 28 Nov 2011

You can try

1.Start Internet Explorer. 2.On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. 3.Click the Advanced tab. 4.scroll down and clear tick in Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart) check box. 5.Click Apply, and then click OK.

Then close and open outlook and try and print email.

  Batch 18:35 28 Nov 2011

Another thing to look at:

In OE6, select an email and go as if to print it (e.g CTL+P)

Then, in Print dialogue box, select Options tab and play with the various options therein. It maybe that somehow your default for these has got screwed and so you maybe able to fix via this route.

  widgetwilk1 19:04 28 Nov 2011

hi thanks for reply, tried that it it is still the same, thanks for help.

  widgetwilk1 19:32 28 Nov 2011

Batch, looked at all that, it looks alright to me, don't think it is the printer as I can print anything else, saved items, pages from web-sites, I can copy and paste e-mails into Word and it prints.

  Sea Urchin 20:50 28 Nov 2011

Open IE8 (even though you don't use it) and try disabling the Auto-Select option for encoding. To do so, on the View menu, point to Encoding, and then click to clear Auto-Select. Then open OE and try again to print an email

  widgetwilk1 21:01 28 Nov 2011

Auto-Select in IE is already disabled, no tick or dot.

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