printing a document in anything BUT black...

  end 20:18 29 Jun 2004

I have a now 30- page document on my computer that is in black at present; I want to try printing it in NOT black ( if for no other reason than to "preserve" my black cartridge as it is a LOT of printing), but perhaps in dark blue or whatever;

PRESUMABLY(???) if I change the font colour on the document itself,( MAY need " guidance" with THAT!!!) it SHOULD then PRINT in that new colour, OR, do I ahve to "instruct" my printer to print with the new colour???

win98se;HPdeskjet840C ( and insane user!!!!)

  Old Shep 20:32 29 Jun 2004

I would have thought that if you change the font colour in your document it should then print in that colour. That normally works for me.

  Cook2 20:44 29 Jun 2004

Black is cheapest to replace so instead of using colour just highlight all your text and make it light grey or print as 'Draft'.

  R4 20:59 29 Jun 2004

How to change the font colour depends in the program used to create/view the document.

In Word there is an button A undelined with a red bar and a small arrow to the right of it. Click on the arrow and select the colour. It should then print the document in this colour.

However as Cook2 says black is the cheapest colour to buy, if you use another colour you would have to relpace the colour cartridge (more expensive than the Black) and also waste ink of the other unused colours.

  woodchip 20:59 29 Jun 2004

What program have you created the Doc. As you can go to the menu normally under Edit, “Select All” then in the menu Wether Word or WordPerfect, choose what colour that you want the text.

  VoG II 21:04 29 Jun 2004

Open the document.

Press CTRL+A together.

Then do as R4 suggests.

Then print.

  billyliv 21:28 29 Jun 2004

Hi, I have a large bottle of CYAN and when I finish a black cartridge I fill it with the CYAN. Fine for run of the mill documents. Cheers, Bill

  end 00:07 30 Jun 2004

I"ve managed to print this lengthly document in blue; but will "experiemt" with changing the font colour (perhaps on a smmller document!!!); problem, iS, I"ve actaully changed my black cartrdge more often that the colour one, so thought I could actually get some use out OF th colour cartridge with a document that coulour does not matter on ; it is a LONG document, and constantly growing......and needing printing to keep up WITH its onmtinual growth; hense the need TO print IN different colours TO try and equally utilise the cartridge...... ( so there is more than one reason for my madness IN wanting TO print in colour!!!)

  end 00:08 30 Jun 2004

and..I did "experiemnt " WITH refilling cartriges. and RAN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  Pesala 08:11 30 Jun 2004

Most inkjet printer drivers allow you scale two A4 pages down to A5 to fit two to a sheet. Will print quicker, and use less paper.

  Pesala 08:14 30 Jun 2004

Cheaper ones than this are available, but this is fantastic value for a duplex printer click here

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